Important information about COVID-19

COVID-19: Processing News

Due to the novel Coronavirus outbreak, US embassies and consulates are temporarily suspending routine services.

Nonetheless, it is still possible to apply for a B1/B2 now.

Applying now is recommendable since it allows foreign nationals to get an appointment for a interview, depending on Embassies or Consulates availability and restrictions.

Interview slots fill up fast and applying after the quarantine is lifted can result in a much later appointment date.

Once approved, the B1/B2 is valid up to 10 years.

RENEWALS Update: If your visa has expired in the last 48 months, you can now renew it without going to an embassy for an interview.

Travel Authorization Professional Support for B1 and B2

  • Step-by-step assistance
  • Simplified procedures
  • Our complete and downloadable "Easy Visa Guide"
  • Experts at your disposal

The OnlineUSVisa assistance package includes

Asesoramiento de nuestros expertos
Nuestra guía completa “Guía Easy Visa”
Seguimiento personalizado paso a paso
Solventamos tus dudas 24/7
Aplicación simplificada en línea

Complete your B1 or B2 request online

Thanks to our optimized form, you can complete it and verify your information before sending it. Our team of professionals will review and confirm that the information that you have entered is correct and that your request is error-free.

We will send detailed instructions and all the necessary information to your e-mail so that you are granted and receive your visa as soon as possible.

A simple process

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How Does OnlineUSVisa Make the Things Easier?

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